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Why Your Toilet Gets Clogged

Posted on 21 February 2018 by Fiona (0)

Most of us naturally do not want to fix clogged toilets since it is one of the most disgusting cleanups we have to eventually do when it happens in our home. The good news though is that we can avoid these clogs with just some simple preventions.

But for some difficult issues, better call your authorized plumbing services to fix the problem right away.clogged toilet

Here are some reasons why your toilet might get clogged:

Disposing items aside from what the actual purpose of the toilet. Flushing diapers, feminine products, tissues and other items that do not belong in the toilet can result from those items getting caught in the drain line. These items will not be able to break down like human waste and toilet paper so as much as possible, do not flush anything else.

Clogged Trap
Drain pipes mostly have a trap that has a u-shaped bend to fill in water. This is a necessary barrier against foul odor that may get in if your toilet does not have it. In some cases, this trap can also get clogged if you use a lot of toilet paper when you flush.

Low-flow Toilets
If you have low-flow toilets to conserve water but are not that powerful to flush most contents away, then it is time to do an upgrade especially if you are consistently having problems with flushing.

Prepare For The Worst
If the source is not the drain and not your toilet, this can be the sewer line. Sewer problems may often involve hours of digging up the yard and finding what is the cause of what is flowing through the pipes. Ask the help of a trusted plumber to fix your clogged toilet right away.