The Café at Brovey Lair
A very private place

There are restaurants and restaurants
but Brovey Lair is a one-off without equal in the UK. Mike and Tina Pemberton have evolved an original format that has thrilled diners for over 8 years. And it is so simple – the restaurant has no menu! When you book you’ll talk to the chef who will design a meal around your food preferences. So, on arriving at the restaurant, all you will have to do is choose a suitable bottle of wine then sit back and relax.

Brovey Lair is all about fresh fish and seafood. Winner of the Good Food Guide’s award for best fish restaurant in Britain it is still their highest scoring restaurant in Norfolk. Chef Tina has a grade six for “Exemplary cooking skills, innovative ideas, impeccable ingredients and an element of excitement.” Guests who stay over love the unique Californian/Mexican breakfast – a UK exclusive!

Now Tina and Mike are able to show you how, with minimum outlay but a lot of passion, you could create a gastronomic temple right under your own roof. See panel to right then click on RIYH trailer. Or for details of Tina’s unique one-on-one master-classes either view the Afraid Of Fish page or telephone 01953 882706.

“Thrilling Gastro-theatre” The Good Food Guide review for 2014

Mike and Tina Pemberton’s dining room in a village south of Norwich might seem straightforward domestic – this is, after all, their home – yet the place thrills readers with its originality. The menu is decided on after discussion with customers who’ve booked, then Tina cooks the food in a smartly designed kitchen-diner.

The event becomes an absorbing tutorial, with guests getting up from their seats as they wish to watch her at work. The result is vibrantly expressive seafood fusion cuisine (Tina has a Teppan grill) that lingers in the memory.

A summer reporter enjoyed five-spice-coated scallops on bean shoots dressed in spring onion, lime and ginger (something of a signature dish), then teppanyaki monkfish medallions on ink noodles with shiitakes stir-fried in tamari and saké. A simple but effective soup arrives before the main: perhaps spinach and sweet potato with cumin, lemon and toasted pumpkin seeds.

Dessert produces something substantial such as pear and polenta cake, lightened with citrus-spiked pear sauce and crème fraiche.





Come and cook at The Café at Brovey Lair - awarded Best UK Fish Restaurant 2010 by the Good Food Guide


Click here to view Mike and Tina Pemberton at work in their contemporary home. The restaurant is situated in the unique kitchen diner so all her cooking is out front. It is pure theatre as, from a ringside seat, you watch her prepare and cook your meal. Better still book one of Tina’s hands on master-classes called Afraid of Fish. In just a few hours she will show you how to fight your fish phobia and produce dishes to die for. By the time you have completed the cookery course you will be ready to compete at the highest level and who knows, may be on your way to fame, fortune and your own restaurant. The course is custom built to suit your individual tastes and aspirations. Add income without the expense of an additional property and, like Mike and Tina, open only when you get bookings!

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Searching for a romantic hideaway to take your amour for a night to remember? Look no further. You have arrived at a gastronomic oasis in the fen-lands of South Norfolk where you will dine on the freshest fish and seafood cooked and cared for by fusion chef Tina; whose five table café won The Good Food Guide’s Best Fish Restaurant annual award in 2010. This prestigious prize is awarded to a different British restaurant each year and Brovey Lair has been Michelin recommended since 2005.

Tina’s food is orgasmic, the atmosphere highly charged and the bedrooms moody. Hedonistic and unashamedly secretive the overnight experience is unrivalled. Breakfast is served as late as you like and combines creative Californian with mischievous Mexican. Blissfully hard to find and wickedly indulgent, once you are here you may just want to stay for ever! Telephone 44 (0)1953 882706 and ask about the special mid-week, 2 night deals and gift voucher sales.

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